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Just like any other equipment that needs maintenance for excellent working condition, a vape pen is no different. Maintenance can entail cleaning up the components to replacing them. This can make sure your favorite vape pen functions as efficiently as possible.

Clean the Area

You don’t want to clean your vape pen in a dirty area, do you? Always make sure that you properly clean the area before beginning the process. If possible, lay a clean, bright towel on the table that you intend to use while cleaning the e-cig. Besides, get some fresh paper towels as well as cotton swabs as they might come in handy when trying to reach difficult areas.

Disassemble Your Electronic Device

Start by taking off the atomizer. Check if there’s a drip tip, and then remove it. Follow this by taking away the drip guard or atomizer cone as well, depending on which one is there. It’s advisable to be sure on the right parts to remove. You can either Google an e-cig image structure or search it on YouTube.

Clean the Mouthpiece

Since the mouthpiece (plastic or rubber) is an essential part of your vape pen, make sure you do a great job cleaning it. Remember that the mouthpiece is the vapor pathway and is the closest place to your mouth and the chamber, so it tends to have the most residues. But lucky for you, this is one of the most comfortable places to clean by just using a damp cotton ball/cloth.

It’s advisable to use isopropyl alcohol to soak your metal or glass pieces for at least 20-30 seconds. Additionally, don’t forget to wipe your mouthpiece using an alcohol wipe, especially after sharing the pen.

Clean the Screen

Dry materials from logged pieces and build-up in your vape pen’s screen can prevent or reduce airflow, hence significantly reducing its functionality. Start by gently removing the screen and then proceed to dislodge any substantial grime. After this, soak the screen in isopropyl alcohol for just a few seconds and then wipe it clean.

Clean the Battery

After removing your device’s battery, use a refolded paper towel when uncovering the dry section in the battery terminal. Push the terminal inside to clean it effectively and don’t forget to use a cotton swab in case you find paper towel inconvenient.

Also, check if there is any contaminant on the battery and clean it using a dry cloth. Alternatively, you can use a cloth rubbed with a minimal amount of alcohol for disinfecting. Finally, let it completely dry out before plugging it back. You should charge your battery after you’ve finished cleaning it.

Reassemble the Device

After making sure each component is exceptionally clean and completely dry, you can now proceed to reassemble the device.

It’s that simple. Well, cleaning your vaporizer pen isn’t supposed to give you lots of stress if you do it correctly. Just use the correct procedure and material and enjoy the crisp flavor from a freshly loaded product. This way, you’ll also be prolonging the lifespan of your vaporizer.

Post Author: Cairo Lee