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Having annual service on your air conditioning unit is vital, but there are some things you need to be check in between maintenance schedules to keep your conditioner is functioning properly. Most repair contractors will charge a premium to come and fix your unit on short notice, so basic maintenance checks will save your money and increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. Here are some things you need to check before you call an air conditioning contractor.

Air Filter

AC filtersThe air filter serves double-duty by keeping the air conditioning system and the air in the room clean. When, however, the unit does not have enough, unrestricted air flow, it cannot work efficiently. Extremely clogged air filters can lead to total system failure and costly repairs. Check the air filter, especially if you a smell strange odor when the unit is running. Never operate the system without the air filter in place.

Breaker Panel or Fuse Box

Check the power supply when the unit is not operating at all. If the circuit breaker is in the right position, go ahead and switch it off anyhow and then turn it on again. This is the right way of resetting it and may be all you have to do. If your unit is not powered, locate the emergency cut-off switch. You are likely to get it directly on the unit on a nearby wall. If the switch is turned off accidentally, flip it back on.

Return Air Grill

The cooling system cannot push air into the room effectively unless some air is flowing out of the room at the same time. Blocking the return air grill of the unit is equivalent to shutting off the warm air escape route and keeping it trapped inside the room. Ensure the return air grills are clean and clear of obstructions. If you have to put furniture in front of a return grill, place it some inches away from the opening.

Condenser Unit

condenser unit

It is common for yard debris to build up around the condenser unit when it sits outside. Piles of leaves can dramatically inhibit the flow of air. It takes only a few minutes to check the condenser coils, clean them and remove surrounding debris. Make this part of your routine yard maintenance.

Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat settings may be compromised. The fan needs to be set to turn on automatically when the unit is activated. The system should always be set for cooling. Your desired temperature setting for the thermostat should be set lower than the current room temperature or else the cooling unit will not turn on.

If your system is maintained and serviced routinely, there are chances the air conditioning unit problem can be identified by ticking through the checklist. If these steps do not provide any relief, then you do not hesitate to contact an air conditioning repair contractor.