A Closer Look at the Contribution Offered by Research Panels

Marketing research plays a crucial role in helping you to understand your target market better. Research serves to protect your business from the costly consequences of guessing the market. Doing some research serves to help you get objective answers to any burning concerns you might have, and most importantly, understand your market better. Market research can be conducted in different ways, but some companies are turning to research panels.

Why Research Panels

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As business strive to getter more accurate research findings, the approaches used have been evolving over time. The advent of smartphones and improved Internet speeds has seen most businesses are turning to panel research. This research method allows business to collect data faster and easier as opposed to using traditional research methods.

Sample Quality

Using a research panel allows business to enjoy the benefits that come with using the right samples. This is especially true when you are using a custom research panel which allows you to handpick samples from business records such as financial statements or other transactional data.

High Response Rate

Another attraction towards research panels is their high response rate. It is worth noting that response rate in tradition surveying methods can be discouraging. This is attributed to the fact that you get to interact with the right people, who are interested in getting value their money.

Cost Savings

Another reason to use a custom research panel is to save on cost. Unlike traditional market research methods where cases like lower incidence category are the norm, research panels offer better value. Moreover, they also allow marketers to increase the size of the panel with minimal cost increases if any.

Fast Results


Another reason research panels tend to be quite appealing among marketers is the fact that fieldwork moves a lot quicker as compared to other research methods. If you need to conduct some research, where time is of the essence, research panels might help you learn a lot more without wasting your time.

You need a quality research panel to enjoy some of the operational benefits discussed above. For instance, if you are planning to launch a new smartphone, the list of participants should have participants who show interest in smartphone and technology. Moreover, companies can also get critical insights on things like pricing and sales projections of their product.