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Ways to Get by With Cheating on a Urine Test

There have been instances when individuals have been required to undergo the urine test. This is not one of the best tests to undergo especially for the drug users and addict. When the stakes are high for instance in the workplace, it has always been the desire of everyone to ensure that they pass the drug test. The tremendous synthetic urine should pass the scrutiny test and be sampled as the original by the lab experts. This post talks about the review of the best synthetic urine which helps the drug addicts pass the annoying pee test.

Testing Labs

There are currently some testing labs that are continually being updated to bust individuals with synthetic urine. These labs regularly update the screening methods that they use so that they can make the synthetic urine useless and as a result bust the drug addicts.

This, therefore, calls for caution when purchasing synthetic urine. You should only buy the synthetic pee from the trusted dealers if you do not want to regret losing your money. Reading reviews, blogs, and referrals from a friend will help you determine what the best synthetic urine is.

Why Some Synthetic Pee Fails the Test

urine samplesThere have been instances whereby some persons have bought the synthetic pee only for it to fail the screening test. One of the reasons as to why some of the synthetic pee fails the test is because there are some of the poor qualities that do not have the necessary ingredients. It is critical to note that the fake pee that you present to be tested should be similar in composition and temperature as the real urine.

One of the most critical components that synthetic urine should contain is uric acid. Two types of pee do not include uric acid. This consists of the low-quality brands and counterfeit brands.

Other Options Besides Synthetic Urine

Are there other options besides synthetic urine? Yes, if you have a supervised urine screen examination, you might want to consider other options. Other than hiding the synthetic urine and presenting it as your own you can go for the detox methods. Some detox methods work by cleaning the banned substances from the blood and urine system. The guys at Westword covers more on the topic of synthetic urine and drug tests.

This, therefore, means that when the urine will be tested the chances are high that the person will test negative. However, since most of these tests are usually time-bound, the best option is often making use of synthetic pee.

muscle atrophy

Common Causes of Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy or wasting refers to the loss of muscle strength and bulk. In some ways, it is the opposite of building up the muscles. Proper nutrition and physical exercise can condition muscles hence allowing them to grow, become bulky and strong. You can also use supplements to help you achieve this. Here are some causes of muscle wasting or atrophy.


Severe malnutrition, as well as lack of protein and nutrients, may lead to muscle atrophy since proteins and nutrients are necessary for the normal development and function of the muscle. The lack of adequate nutrition can occur due to severe illnesses and can also be associated with strong medications like some chemotherapeutic agents.

Neurological Disease

If you have any neurological condition like spinal cord disease, palsy or stoke, you may have muscle weakness of the arms, legs or face. When you do not use your body muscle, the lack of stimulation and exercise can make them thinner. The thinning can also cause the muscles to lose strength beyond that which is caused by the neurological problem.

Swallowing Problems

Difficulties and tiredness when swallowing interfere with easting. You will tend to lose weight if you have trouble swallowing even if you with the bests attempt at providing nourishment.

Limited Activity

Physical activity is critical for muscles to stay fit, appropriate in size, capabilities, and tone. Signs of muscle wasting includes limited definition, loss of muscle strength and visible weight loss. Sedentary lifestyle and jobs promote muscle atrophy since your daily routine does not include activity which challenges the muscles to grow or maintain their strength level and size.

Prolonged Hospitalization

If you have been sick as a result of cancer or any illness that requires an extended stay in the ICU, the decreased mobility and lack of nutrition can contribute to muscle atrophy.

Staying active, passive movement, physical therapy, and nutrition are some of the ways to help prevent muscle atrophy. Using selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) can help you deal with muscle wasting.