Clydesdale MSP Aileen Campbell has arranged for two officials from Scottish Water and SEPA to speak at Duneaton Community Council, following concerns about recent flooding. Flood Risk Hydrologist Nick Gair and Scottish Water Community Team Manager Bill Elliot are both due to speak at the meeting on Tuesday evening in Roberton Village Hall. The officials are attending to allay some of the concerns regarding the Coulter reservoir during recent flooding. The Scottish Water team are also arranging a site visit for members of the community council to see how the reservoir operates. Residents have further concerns about the recent flooding and how this might impact on any proposed future sand quarry at Overburns.


Commenting Ms Campbell said:


“Following persistent concerns regarding the reservoir during the most recent period of bad flooding I asked Scottish Water to provide assurances that the operation of the reservoir wasn’t exacerbating problems. I’m grateful that they are taking the time to address these concerns and reassure the local community.



“SEPA , who monitor flood risk, will also be able to provide some expert insight into the recent flooding. They have already provided a written response to some of the community’s concerns but it would be useful for them to speak with local residents and take their concerns on board.”

Following her meeting with transport minister Derek Mackay and South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine, Aileen Campbell MSP received an assurance from Transport Scotland officials that they are happy to work with communities looking to improve rail links. Campbell raised the concerns of constituents looking for new or reopened stations and to reintroduce the Lanark-Edinburgh rail link. Officials were happy to provide more information regarding the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) which is used to assess proposals for rail infrastructure improvements. Campbell also used the meeting to receive an update on the Lamington Viaduct, which remains shut due to flood damage and is scheduled to reopen in early March.


Commenting Ms Campbell said:


“It’s right that people in Clydesdale feed into some of the big picture decisions being taken on Scotland’s rail network. It can be quite daunting trying to figure out who best to speak to if you are wanting a station reopened or a rail link reinstated. That’s why I’ve asked Transport Scotland to ensure they help communities and campaign groups look into these proposals. 


“As the local MSP I’ve been keen to press the operators for improvements to current services but we should also be thinking long-term as to what service Clydesdale will need going forward. We know that demand is at record levels so it is right to give proper consideration for new stations and rail links.”

Aileen Campbell MSP has published the results of a survey she conducted in Forth regarding the proposals to replace the Post Office with a counter in a local shop. Local residents were overwhelmingly concerned about the small size of the shop and the lack of privacy for dealing with financial matters. Together with the RBS branch closure there are widely held concerns that this another blow for Forth Main Street. Of the 52 respondents only one indicated they were satisfied with the proposal.


The Post Office are currently consulting on the proposal to close the post office and start a counter service in RS McColls, 61-65 Main Street, Forth. Aileen is submitting her findings to them ahead of the consultation closing on the 2nd of February.


Aileen Campbell MSP said:



“The obvious result of my survey is that this proposal does not have the support of local people in Forth. This is clear from the fact that 98% of respondents opposed the changes. It is clear that the Post Office have not managed to make the case for these changes to the local community and there are fundamental concerns regarding access.


“People are concerned about the suitability of the new premises. There are worries that the shop is well stocked as it is, with not much room to manoeuvre for those who aren’t so mobile. I’ll be sending these results to Post Office Ltd. directly and also pressing them to take these well-founded concerns into account.”

Aileen Campbell, SNP MSP for Clydesdale, met with Clydesdale resident Lynsey Paterson in parliament as part of a celebration of the Rural Leaders programme. The Rural Leaders programme is set up to provide young farmers and rural business managers the chance to develop important skills, such as increasing confidence, leadership, decision making and communication abilities.


The Rural Leadership programme involves 12 days of workshops, focus sessions and exciting innovation projects. The event in parliament provided an opportunity for MSPs to learn more about the programme and discover the benefits it provides.


Commenting on this Campbell, who is also the Minister for Children and Young People, said:


“I had a great time at the Rural Leaders event in the parliament, where I met Lynsey who is a member of Biggar Young Farmers Club. She is undoubtedly a young rural leader of the future. 


“The Rural Leaders programme is a fantastic initiative to unlock the potential of young people and develop important life skills. By encouraging the development of skills at a young age, it helps to ensure the best possible start for young people as they enter the world of work.


“I commend Scottish Enterprise for the fantastic programme they are running, which I know will make a big difference to rural young people across Scotland.”


Lynsey Paterson said:


“I really enjoyed my visit to the parliament where I met Aileen and told her about the Rural Leaders programme. The range of skills I developed during my time will definitely serve me well in the years to come. I would advise anyone with an interest to look into it and consider taking part, it is a great opportunity.”


More information on the Scottish Enterprise & the Rural Leaders programme can be found here:

SNP MSP for Clydesdale, Aileen Campbell has welcomed the compilation of ‘30 Things To Do Before You’re 3’ in Lanarkshire.


Several Clydesdale locations feature in the list including activities at Strathaven Castle, Biggar Public Park and Falls of Clyde.


The list of thirty activities was put together as part of the Scottish Government’s PlayTalkRead campaign, which falls under Ms Campbell’s role as Minister for Children and Young People. Compiled by parents for parents, the Lanarkshire list showcases the best activities on offer to take children to in the area.


Free stories, songs and rhymes at local library Bookbug sessions topped the list as the most popular activity. The selection will be used as a resource by parents and carers looking for enjoyable, free ways to spend time with their children.


Commenting, Aileen said:



“The list does a great job of bringing together playing, talking and reading activity ideas in the area – as Minister for Children and Young People I have responsibility for our Play Talk Read campaigns and so am really pleased this list has a really local feel for me. Children can be given the best start in life through these activities, making the list an invaluable resource to parents especially during Year of the Dad.


“As a mum, I know how important it is to find activities which help our little ones learn and have fun.  And there are many activities on the list I have already enjoyed with my bairns – the falls of Clyde, the narrow gauge railway at Leadhills, the miniature train at Strathaven and the pond at Biggar Public Park.  It’s great to see so much of Clydesdale featured on our top list.  What is also really lovely is to see how much value parents and carers have for the swing park at Lanark Loch given the effort put in by so many mums, dads, grandparents and carers to create this beautiful and fun-filled space.


“With regular Bookbug sessions at local libraries and excellent outdoor spots, Clydesdale is clearly perfect for free family activities. Whether it’s playing on the swings at Lanark Loch or reading stories in Strathaven Park, there’s something suitable for all the family.”


  • Find the full list online:
  • The Scottish Government's PlayTalkRead campaign encourages parents and carers to incorporate playing, talking and reading within their daily routines.  By playing, talking and reading with their children more often, parents and carers can give them the best possible start in life and lay firm foundations for their children's long-term learning, behaviour and life chances.



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