Clydesdale’s MSP, Aileen Campbell on Tuesday received unanimous backing from local party members to seek re-election to the Scottish Parliament next May.


An endorsement meeting was held on Tuesday August 4th in Carluke, which saw a large volume of members turn out to officially endorse Aileen as the SNP’s candidate. 


Aileen has served in the Scottish Parliament since 2007, and won the Clydesdale seat in the 2011 SNP landslide victory, and has since served as Scotland’s Minister for Children and Young People.


Campbell was the local SNP’s sole nominee for the constituency, and has been fully endorsed by the local party’s local membership.


Commenting, Aileen said:


“I am absolutely honoured to have received the unanimous backing of the Clydesdale SNP members to stand as their candidate next year. I was so humbled to see so many members attend our meeting last Tuesday and am really looking forward to the campaign. 


“Even though we are a party of over 100,000 - the party still feels like an extended family. That extended family is committed to making Scotland a better place. I will fight this election to continue to serve the people of Clydesdale, while supporting the progressive measures of the Scottish Government, and protecting the vulnerable from the harsh austerity agenda of the Tory Government in Westminster.”


Clydesdale SNP convenor and Lanark resident, Bill Mills also commented on Aileen’s endorsement by the party’s membership, and said: 


“Clydesdale SNP members turned up en-mass on Tuesday evening to endorse the nomination of incumbent MSP Aileen Campbell as their chosen candidate for the 2016 Holyrood Election in the Clydesdale Constituency.  Such was the turnout, that we had to move to a larger hall to accommodate everyone. Following an address to the members, Aileen received a unanimous endorsement vote with rapturous applause.


“The meeting was independently chaired by Angela Crawley, the newly elected SNP MP for Lanark & Hamilton East, who also received a warm & enthusiastic welcome – (including loud applause, which she is denied at the House of Commons!).


“As Aileen mentioned in her address, while the SNP have increased membership to over 100,000, we have retained especially in Clydesdale, the sense of belonging to a family. Tuesday’s event was very much a family occasion.


"Aileen has represented the Clydesdale constituency with absolute professionalism  & dedication since her election in 2011. We are also especially proud of her role as Minister for Children & Young people in which she has established ground breaking initiatives. We are delighted to express our 100% support for Aileen and we are looking forward to launching her campaign for re-election with a large and enthusiastic team.”



SNP MSP for Clydesdale, Aileen Campbell is urging voluntary groups to apply for Action Earth grants to improve green spaces in the area.


The Action Earth environment volunteering campaign is offering a range of grants to active groups across Scotland. Groups can apply for amounts between £50 and £250 to fund practical activities that involve volunteers in improving outdoor spaces or creating habitats for wildlife. Action Earth is also offering grants of up to £500 for voluntary activity on a Local Nature Reserve for practical work, wildlife recording or educational activities. The Action Earth campaign is run by Volunteer Matters in conjunction with Scottish Natural Heritage from April to December every year. 


Community groups can register to apply for the grants at 


Commenting, Aileen said:


“Clydesdale has beautiful green spaces on offer that are well maintained by community groups but can always benefit from a financial boost. The Action Earth grants can be used by groups to purchase plants, materials or to cover general costs, all of which can help to motivate volunteers and encourage others to come along too.

“Those involved in outdoor space improvement groups should take this opportunity and apply online as soon as possible. I will be encouraging groups across the constituency to apply to help our green spaces reach their full potential.”





Following on from the substantial collapse at Birkwood Castle near Lesmahagow Aileen Campbell, SNP MSP for Clydesdale, has sought reassurances from South Lanarkshire Council that the site is being kept secure and the building is stabilised. Ms Campbell has received an update from Colin McDowall, Head of Community and Enterprise at the Council regarding the site. The update has confirmed the council is working with the owners of the building and Historic Scotland to establish plans for the stability, reinstatement and future development. Lisa Cameron, SNP MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow visited the site this week, alongside SNP Councillor David Shearer.


Aileen and Lisa have also been working to contact the owners of Birkwood Castle to offer them their full support as they look to secure a future for the building in the weeks ahead.


Aileen Campbell said:


“Alongside many in Lesmahagow I was dismayed by the recent collapse at Birkwood Castle, especially given the plans to bring the Castle back into use as a boutique hotel. This historic building has had a variety of uses over 150 years and it’s sad to see its next chapter jeopardised so suddenly.


“I'm reassured that the council are in contact with Historic Scotland and with the owner of the building to ensure stability of the rest of the structure. As the council will be meeting with owners in the near future to discuss reinstatement, I'm happy to work with those involved as they assess options for taking the project forward.”


Lisa Cameron said:


"This is a very sudden blow to a substantial investment in Lesmahagow. Whilst the cause of the collapse is being established it is important that the council ensure the site is secure and the building stabilised as far as possible. I hope to be able to visit the site in the very near future to see the damage for myself. In the weeks ahead, the SNP team is Lesmahagow is keen to work with the owners and the council to ensure that a suitable way forward is found for the site."



SNP MSP for Clydesdale, Aileen Campbell has added her support to calls for shoppers to choose Scotch lamb.

Concern has been expressed by the NFUS [1] over falling lamb prices after increased pressure on the export market in Europe.

Last year, Quality Meat Scotland ran a campaign called ‘Wham Bam Thank You Lamb’ to help increase lamb sales. Next month, a similar campaign is to be run to by Quality Meat Scotland and the NFUS [1] to boost Scotch lamb sales once again.  

Ms Campbell has taken this opporunity to call on Clydesdale’s shoppers to buy local produce including Scotch lamb.

Commenting, Aileen said:

“These are difficult times for our farmers, so we should do all we can to help boost sales in Scotland.

“Those in a position to do so, should consider purchasing Scotch lamb during their next shop. We can proudly recognise that some of the most delicious food and drink productions are made here in Scotland, and are readily available on our doorsteps. The promotional campaign run by the NFUS and Quality Meat Scotland last year helped to secure an 11% increase in lamb sales.

“Living in a rural area, Clydesdalers can understand the need to support those working hard to deliver tasty Scotch lamb to consumers across the globe. Whether you can purchase for your business, during your next shop or while eating out, do so to help sustain our rural economy and show strong support for our producers this year.”


[1] “Scotland’s sheep producers are enduring their worst season for five years and are urging consumers to get behind Scotch lamb.”, “Our national ‘Wham Bam Thank You Lamb’ lamb campaign, headed up by Quality Meat Scotland will start to target 3.7 million consumers in August and will include billboard, press coverage and radio advertising as well as on-line and in-store promotion. Last year, Scottish sheep farmers came out in droves to support lamb promotion activities at supermarkets, flower shows, and in restaurants helping to secure an 11% increase in lamb sales and an extra 28,800 Scottish households buying lamb.” -



Aileen Campbell, SNP MSP for Clydesdale, has today hit out at Chancellor George Osborne for punishing those trying to get ahead in Clydesdale. Following the news that the budget will particularly badly affect young people and low income working families, analysis has come to light showing that the chancellor’s rebranding of the newly raised minimum wage is little more than a sleight of hand. Even at the much publicised £9 figure by 2020 it will still be short of a true living wage, as calculated by the charities who campaign for low-wage workers. Overall, given the cuts to tax credits, early analysis by the Resolution Foundation showed that a low-earning couple with two children would be £850 worse off, requiring 5 years of 2% pay rises to offset their losses.1


Commenting Ms Campbell said:


“Given this was the first all Tory budget in the best part of two decades we had expected some very punitive measures and despite the improved minimum wage it is clear this budget will cause real hardship for families in Clydesdale. The Tories trumpet their support for hard work but those who need tax credits are amongst the hardest working in our community, working long hours for little reward. Other low earners, young people and vulnerable groups have also been hit hard. Local Tory MP David Mundell, who remains part of the government, has a lot to answer for, given the impact of these cuts on Clydesdale households.


“We really see the Tory Government’s true colours with the raising of inheritance tax thresholds to a £1million for couples. If they wanted to reward hard work the chancellor wouldn’t be cutting public services to fund a tax cut for wealthy.”



1.For more analysis from the Resolution Foundation see:



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